Brno (CZE), 20th January 2017

Club management of mmcité Brno issue a statement about the departure of the Serbian guard Edi Sinadinović.

Edi Sinadinović arrived to the mmcité Brno club at the start of 2016/2017 season as the first guard and, according to his qualities, he should be one of the key players of the team.
Management of the club was not satisfied not only with his efficiency, but also with his working attitude, even though he was told by the club officials and his agent as well, to improve it several times. Club had no other choice than determine the contract with immediate effect.

Reasons to determine the contract were:

1) Player’s decision not to participate on team’s practices and games, even though he had no injuries and was healthy (supported by medical records)

2) Non-compliance of technical and tactical requirements of the professional basketball player

3) Bad diet; way of life, incompatible with the requirements for the professional basketball player (e. g. bad results of the diagnostic tests)

4) Disrespect to team culture, absence on team events

5) Hurting team’s positive image and rating

„We do not agree with the player’s statement that he has left the club because of the financial reasons. We tried to solve his low efficiency and poor performance, which did not meet our requirements, for several times. That led to the determination of the contract,” said Zoran Helbich, head coach of the team and the sport manager of the club.

Statement about player’s departure, posted on, has said that he has left the club as its best player. “According to the long-term statistics, Edi Sinadinović was 6th best player of the team, but definitely not the best one,” added Helbich.

Zoran Helbich
head coach
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Martin Pavelec
general manager
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